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Eureka County Nevada Tax Payers League

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Response From the Attorney General - Open Meeting Law

Finally, A Decision

In July of 2000, the Eureka County Taxpayers League filed a complaint with the Nevada State Attorney Generals' office. The complaint was filed for a perceived violation of NRS 241.015 (3), the Nevada open meeting law. It was against the Eureka County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Community Development Corporation (CDC). Both the EDC and CDC stated in their bylaws that they were not public bodies and not subject to the open meeting law. The league's position was that since the EDC and CDC were both funded entirely by public funds, they should have to comply with the law.

After a nine month long wait, the Attorney General has finally handed down a decision. In a six and a half page document dated April 12, 2001, the Attorney General finds that both the EDC and CDC are public bodies and are subject to the open meeting law. Attached also to the document were letters to EDC and CDC, warning them that future violations of the open meeting law could result in legal action by the Attorney Generals' office.

This is a great victory for the taxpayers league in our quest to see our government and its offices stand accountable to the citizens it serves. There is, however, no time to savor the fruit of our labor or to languish in triumph. There is still the issue of the one million taxpayer dollars still under the control of the storefront lending organization known as the CDC. We are inspired to forge onward, to see that the peoples' tax money is returned to the county treasury where it belongs instead of being loaned out to private enterprises.

In the last general election the people, in reference to state ballot issue number one, made it very clear that they did not want the state to invest in private enterprise. What would make any county think that they should be different? A politician told this writer that lending was not necessarily investing.

Submitted by; Ted Vernes, President
Eureka County Tax payers League

To receive a complete copy of the AG's opinion, and the accompanying documents, please contact the Eureka County Tax Payers League.
Thank you,

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