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Eureka County Nevada Tax Payers League

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Just the Facts - March 2001 Issue #2  Page one

MARCH 28, 2001 7:00 PM
Some of the Agenda:
Attorney General - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
Grand Jury- Is The Time At Hand?


There is a small group of people here that seems to think so.  They have spent and are prepared to spend tens of thousands more of our tax dollars to try to prove it.

Tourism is not a sound economic base, unless of course you have beaches or lakes, resort hotels, golf course, theme parks, and other frills to go along with your old buildings.  Even then it is only a seasonal fix.  Is the goose that lays the golden egg worth the price of its feed?

We can only hope that the County Commissioners will get rid of these expensive amateurs and get a real live professional economic development specialist in here before it is too late.


Special thanks to Newmont Mining Corporation for Becoming a member of ECTPL we appreciate your support.



During her four year term in office former commissioner Sandy Green spent $19,710.00 on travel.  commissioner Pete Giocoechea had a travel tab of $7,717.00 in the same four year period.


It has been publicly stated that our DA has a knack for writing by-laws for non-profit organizations.  We are certain that he does this in the County's best interests, of course!



My blood has really been set to a boil many times over the past several months.  to think that a system that I have embraced and believed in could be so dark and ugly has saddened me.  My resolve has not been dampened by the events that have occurred since the formation of the TPL, but rather fueled by those that would scoff at the laws of our great state.

We have spent many hours of study to bring forth violations of the Nevada Constitution and the Nevada Revised Statutes.  We have presented our case at the local and state levels, to no avail.  Sure we have had  a few phone calls, a few promises, and volumes of rhetoric laced correspondence, all of which have been empty and hollow.

I believe in the law and I believe that it shall prevail as long as we do not give up.  I also know that there are more ways than one to skin a cat. - Ted Vernes



A Eureka County citizen filed a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office and got a response in a matter of weeks.  The TPL on the other hand has waited eight months and three months respectively.

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